September 18, 2007

opening the curtain of rain

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:04 pm by changisme

The rain has come. Each year when the rain first turns around in her fringe skirt, comes with it is a mix of sentiment but also confort. It’s as if I have screamed for a whole summer of frenzy and finally realize that sitting down looking at the tea leaves swimming in soothingly warm water is more appealing to my mind.
One would think that all the ripples in my mind could be undone in this hour of meditation, but that’s not how minds work I guess. Somehow, the waves that decide to stay overall become more prominent. There are so many things about life are just so real and above and beyond our control. We can say all we want that God would take care of things and pray that He would take away this sadness and that craving. However, ultimately, it’s our wanting control and deny ourselves. There are so many emotions I just have to live with. The only question is that do I tell myself that God wants me to pursue them or wants me to keep a check. Does He show himself in this trickling of the autumn rain?
You say You would be wherever we look…

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