September 23, 2007

white Chinese doll

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I was sitting on the toilet and browsing through a Chinese magazine. It’s a fashion magazine and proudly presented a world class design. The with bold pink letter head, it says that so-and-so endoreses Chinese fashion. The picture however shows an elongated caucassian model with shiny waves of blond hair and slim long legs. The dress too reminds me more of Quela(sp?) deVil than and Chinese dolls traiditional or modern. Eventually I found a stream of Chinese bottons.

I don’t really know why I’m criticizing this. I guess there is notthing wrong with taking bits and pieces of cultures and use it in an appropriate way. I’m just sad that no one would rather capture the spirit of the culture.

I remember my aunt is often saddened by the fact that Chinese designs are so bad while fashions are so warshipped by people of this land. I think it’s because of the education for youngsters. Imagination, creative art and body-adorements are not encouraged until your "magic age" of 18. Somehow whatever is done before that are sinful. After that, only the passion is recovered but not the ability. Okay, I’m generalizing for sure. There are tons of people who learn better than I do, but that’s my two cents on what happens.

Aside from that, it’s like that magazine, people are rather torn in between national pride and westernization. On the one hand, people rave about how Chinese culture is great; on the other hand, chinese people don’t even bother getting to know it, but know much more about other supposedly more prominent culture and what they like about the Chinese culture.



  1. Jane said,

     haha, I had the same discussion recently about how Chinese people sorta feel bound to protect their culture and nation in front of others even if they don\’t know much about it – I mean I definitely see myself do that. But it also seems only natural in a way, because iit\’s part of what\’s unique about me and I\’d always want to express that. And it is easy to be fascinated by other cultures because of the differences though maybe also because they seem more successful…

  2. Karen said,

    Yeah I think that\’s the thing. it\’s so easy to think the "Chineseness" as part of me rather than something nice on its own. I guess it takes a lot of the tastes out of it when you ignore the egocentric part.

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