September 25, 2007

Navs welcome dinner

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:17 pm by changisme

Navs night at Dustin and Konrad’s house was nice. There were a few new faces and the food was better than decent. I had too much for someone who should be cramming on my homework now. I wouldn’t say the house is luxurious like I felt when I saw Shu and Steph’s apartment last year, but it was definitely good for gathering. I never really know my place in Navs. Most of the times I don’t really feel it necessary to have a place. I wonder if people like Richie expects me to. I’m not saying a leadership position or anything, but … just who I am in the group. I think quite a few people in the Navs know me quite well, but so much of myself I didn’t open up to them. Anyway, this is all a confusing jumble to read I know.

Today Curt’s not there. He’s always been around for as long as I’ve been involved, which is more than four years… It feels rather strange, because he definitely brings to the group something different. Hannah and Shu were not there either, although they will be around this term I think. I can still remember the first time I went to one of these gatherings 4 years ago, the two of them with Hannah’s big perned head of hair tied down by a pink hairbend. I still remember them bouncing around like firecrackers. I still remember myself being so different…

I don’t know if I will be here next year. It will be strange to think eh? I would feel really strange in fact, if another year turn around, and I cannot make the welcome dinner. I don’t really think this is what moving on is all about. it’s just a side effect probably, of my pursuit with a mirage of my so-imagined aim.


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