September 27, 2007

Music, pluck the string of my heart

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:41 pm by changisme

it is so nice to get back into a choir. I miss the days when I could sing with the UC youths. I went to the choir practice at Fairview today, and it was a little different in dynamic, since people there are mostly older folks, and more experienced in choral music. I didn’t really feel out of place though because I was engulfed in the harmony.

I love singing or any other kind of participation in music ensembles. For one, it is a very concentrated business, so it takes me away from my daily worries and self-absorption. It’s just like goalball. I can hear my and other people’s voices and try to fine tune it to harmonize in a way that is very satisfying. I guess I don’t have the higher moral of humility to say I feel like all my singing is for God, but I enjoy the synphonic nature just like I enjoy the creation as a whole. Most importantly, I love being part of it, not just observing or appreciating, I love being part of the creation participating in stringing together the notes and bars, riding the poems in their ultimate splendor, as I enjoy being part of the creation, one who can touch the grass and flowers and kiss another person.


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