November 3, 2007

On ownership and other misilleneous things.

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The UBC version of the Gladiator Challenge was quite interesting. I was glad to do something very physical. I guess I’m used to Vancouver enough by now that I could take walks in the drizzling rain without sinking into much of a misery. It is the cold that gets to me though. After the game, I went to my mom’s house and bought her tank of milk on the way. At the bus stop, there were people like me holding boxes and cans in bulging Safeway plastic bags. I felt a tinge of odd feeling; Safeway’s always the same, many go to the same store week after week. The shelves are the same, we pick off cans from the shelves just as year after year farmers pick berries off of berry trees.
Either way, its providence I can’t quite wrap my head around. I am not quite sure my feeling towards possession. I don’t know if I can claim in my full honesty that I am not attracted to the instantaneous exhileration of possession at all. Or, it takes on a different form for me. I don’t quite desire the fact that I "have" a tall banana trees that have meaty leaves, but I want to live near one. (Oh that makes me miss Guatemala…) I don’t quite care about owning all the books in the world, but I want to live steps away from a library. In that sense, what is the difference? I’m probably just as much of a possessive freak as anyone else.
Probably there is one thing I can’t have access to other than by owning it, and that’s my life. With all the homework pressing down, I procrastinate more and more about the travel to DC and next year to Malaysia. It will be quite different these times as I will be traveling with some other people. They are also places with much more large cities than Central America. Many a time, i told myself not to carry my expectation, in other words want to go to Asia more because I miss going to Central America, but it’s hard to resist. I lie in the future, the present as well as the past. Life is dynamic in that regard isn’t it? It has a forward as well as a backward iterative dynamic.
On an altogether separate note, my research on fishery went into quite an interesting drection. I couldn’t figure out the math from the paper, so I tracked down the author, one of them was practically impossible to find, probably retired in some remoste countryside; one of them said he was too busy, one said he didn’t understand the math of the paper (which is on math… >_<), but he was nice enough to give me the private contact information of the last research who is retired also, Dr. Colin W. Clark. He sounded very energetic and pleasant on the phone. As soon as I said I had a question about his paper, he with full enthusiasm,"You’ve got a problem with it?" I was quite amused and he rminds me of John Petcau from UBC Stats, very attractive personality. Anyway, he explained things to me and told me the books he wrote on the subject. He said that math papers are usually wrote in very succint terms for the journals.
I couldn’t help but smile over the fact that my research on a math model turned into a person hunt. It was quite fun too.


  1. Juelyn said,

    happy to get ur comment on my space. keep in contact. add me via  when convinient for u.

  2. olee said,

    对了,我们2月初(中)的回京。不晓得你到时候在么,咱们可以出去玩儿一两周!看你msn标sad midterm,咋地?没考好?!

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