November 22, 2007

Amazing Grace

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I know it’s quite shameful, but I didn’t watch Amazing Grace when it came out because my church raved about it. Given the history of not-so-fun christian movies I’ve watched, I just didn’t feel up to it. Today, however, we watched it at Dustin, Konrad and Curtis’ place.

To get the negative stuff out of the way, I think the soundtrack was not as impressive as i expected it to be. However, the familiar hymn itself did stand out just for that very reason. Each time when the tone boldly step into the front stage, i could feel the spirit of William trying incessantly to change the world and do what is right. It was so strong when he stood up in front of all the other aristocrats as a young man, and sang with his unaccompanied and almost childish voice, the song that have such simple and yet profound lyrics. He stood there, young and brave, just like when Pitt said, "We are too young to realize somethings are impossible."

Young people are called to step up to the injustice of this world, but what carries us onward in the difficult battles is something else. What is it? William does grow throughout the years. The movie didn’t portray that much, but I did get a sense. The irony is that it was the young William who wanted to step away from the courageous task lay before him, and to pursue God’s work, and it is the maturity in him that led him to his goal. He sees the world in its reality and fully embraced it.

I recall talking to a friend about how some older people seem to see the world as being so evil and want to avoid so many pieces of it. What they say is that they are mature enough to see the dirty rags hanging off of the rack of earthly life, while we are too young to see it. I think not. We are shown the real world with its dirty laundry, and we are called to embrace it and to wash it bit by bit on a washing board. Real optimism is not to see everything as good, but to see things as they truly are and still have hope and take actions to improve. "Make me the channel of Your peace.".


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  1. olee said,

    chang, lately i knew somebody who is very interesting and we could talk. today its friday and after school we walked to bookstore and talked the whole way long. i felt very good and very happy that i finally talk to someboday again which i havent had for years and it reminds me of all the people i like and talked with in the past, u, hang hang, xing wen. everyone has its own spot and i do love to find spot again here in germany.
    just come to say hallo and want to tell u that i\’m missing u! 😎
    have a nice weekend!

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