January 16, 2008

doubts, arguments and vulcan picture.

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It’s quite fun to discuss problem with my stats prof. I think partly because he’s young, partly because he laughs and fights for the word and/or the pencil with me. So it feels more like a discussion rather than a calm condescention. I know that makes little sense, but that’s what I feel. Eventually, of course I got it sorted out, and we parted grinning. This made me think of what it means to allow doubts in my life. It’s actually quite ironic. If I do have the courage to allow doubts in my life, then I have to have the courage to open up and discuss or argue about these issues with people around me. However, the conventional sense of tolerance is really just "not talk or argue about it". That’s really not allowing doubts and not being tolerant. I guess one can extend it to pride also, but that becomes too much of a life philosophy and less useful when I face these complex waves of colours in my life.
On another note. I got my picture taken for an ID card today, dn the picture is so Gothic!!! I can’t believe it. LOL Also, I look so yellow in colour that if it weren’t for the big smile I have, I could have passed for a Vulcan. Maybe, I’m Mr. Spock’s sister Miss Spock, only that I inherit a little more of my mother’s gene than my father’s?? Or, I just have a human grin, but really I’m the cold-blooded vulcan hehe… what a prospect.

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  1. sean said,

    加油 嘿嘿

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