February 1, 2008

rant on weather

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:16 pm by changisme

I remember back when I was in Beijing, people keep on saying how the Brits always talk about the weather. I wondered why they were so obsessed with something so trivial to live as I knew it. I concluded that it’s just one of those things people greet each other with. They may not even think about what they say.

Now, I don’t really know if my feeling towards the weather is actually close to what the Brits think, or if they actually are obsessed with the weather in the first place. It might well have been a myth. The weather is actually a big part of my small talk now. It somehow is a very large part of how I relate to the world. It makes me either want to run into a building, whichever building, or it relaxes me enough to allow some real appreciation of the dripping green leaves in the trees. I may be more tempted to just go home and be with myself in a cold and wet day, or I may want to walking along side a friend by any street embellished by dainty shops and coffee stands.

The temperature just turned quite mild today, and I feel an incredible amount of relief, that I really wanted to say that out loud when I meet people. I guess that’s how some people like me could be obsessed with weather small talks. Cold weather really does causes me a lot of stress, physically but also channeled to my mind.

One may ask that how come Beijing weather didn’t cause me so much stress. For one, Beijing’s weather is not so varied. It’s predictable. Throughout the winter, it’s almost always sunny and windy. Also, we hardly ever go outside in the winter. The only times are the biking to and from school. It could have just been me living a boring life ba, but I felt all my amusement without leaving home or the classroom. When we did go to visit my parents friends, we would either take a taxi or my dad would bike. When he biked, I could slide my head and most of my upper body into the back of his jacket. The rhythmic bulging and flattening of his back muscles accompanied with the mild scent of sweat would take my mind entirely off of the world outside. In that complete darkness and the unknown of our progress on the street, I had my full trust and till this day, I wonder if I have ever physically trusted anyone so much. The magical thing is that, the trust still lasts.


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