February 24, 2008

spring comes

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I really do hope this is not just an illusion but spring is really coming. I used to think it is the colour green that constitutes to the exhiliration of growth, but having moved to Vancouver, with her moist winter nurturing the resilient pines and spruces, I find when leaves are small or wrinkled away from sunlight, it’s still not vibrant enough. It’s as if the leaves are nervous, tense and timid. The warmth under a break of sunshine relaxes them. They no longer shiver into a little bundle of existence, but rather ancounce their presence. They become daring, maybe overly haughty as if no one can get them. Maybe that’s the real spirit of youth, somewhat ignorant of the danger this world can bring.
I went to visit my family this week, the people in my mom’s generation and my grandma would be telling us about all the adventures they had during their years. It sounded like they had all the bravery young women can ever imagine mastering, and yet, they were incescently telling us not too be too bald, consider consequences, leave the back door and so on. I know I tend to act on the strike of lightning, even though I’m not crazy enough to launch myself into glorious physical danger. It has elicited many warnings amongst family members, but I know fully well that they were once just as I am.
It’s rather hard to say which is better, pine or cherry blossoms. If it were five years ago, I would have said pine is richer and cherry is more dramatic, now I don’t know anymore. I feel that there is just as much dripping richness in Cherry, and pine, telling its winter tales is just as dramatic if not more. Maybe the best is to have both, not be both, just to have both. That’s probably the best thing about Vancouver.
The first part of my last week or spent in North Carolina, and the latter part was in Seattle. Both are beautiful place. Maybe I even like NC’s forests better. It’s warmer and trees are more interlocked. There are so many thin branches mingling with the sky and clouds, it reminded me of impresionism art: the sky seemed to change colour. However, it is really Seattle that I liked better, because people actually walk among the bushes and into the wetlands. People with their fullblown silliness of brightly coloured sportswear would at least try to be WITH the birds and insec, even though it was chilly. It’s unlike NC where everyone seems to be confined in their cars by the ridget highways.
By no means do I mean people and nature are in perfect harmony, lie Vivaldi’s 4 seasons, but at least the struggles to live and preserve make me feel both parties are still living and kicking. Some environmentalists would probably fee otherwise.

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  1. Jane said,

    I walked by a store window where they had all these flowers that I know where only buds two weeks ago…they\’re all fully bloomed and have this captive fragrance. Makes me feel spring\’s definitely here (Kazu even said he felt summer, but that might\’be overly optimistic)

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