April 8, 2008

cherry blossoms under ths street lamps.

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:44 pm by changisme

It was a pleasant evening, much of which entices me for the forth coming exam season. The cherry blossoms have flooded the crowns of trees after this weather-weary spring we’ve had so far. Walking at night in an urban area definitely feels different from the more rural parts of the world. Actually, Vancouver is different from the busier urban area also. The clouds are low, so they actually look white in contrast to the dark velvet blue. Earlier in the day, they rained away their darker, dirtier layers.  The street lamps close together. The lights shine on the pink cherry, creating a rather mixed feeling. It’s as if the pink is no longer innocent, and the trees there stand don’t really belong. These youthful flowers somewhat oppressed by an envelope of yellow lights… It makes me wonder, which one shouldn’t be here, the lights, or the flowers? There are no people though. Everyone is either in their brightly lit houses, or shooting to some unknown directions on the roads so smooth and straight, that it makes me feel that cars could take off just by whooshing through them.
I miss the nights on Thetis Island. It was so dark, that the darkness become the most powerful colour. It was not so quiet though. There were the gurggling water and whispering insects. None of them seem to be in much of a hurry, although I’m sure the animals were all anticipating some sort of mid-night snack.  The evening of Beijing was also different. There are people everywhere, walking, yelloing, laughing. The streets are so wide, that the street lamps have to stretch their necks very long. But neither of these two places could make these cherry blossoms feel like home either. They somehow need to live in the city, but also need the bright green which only comes out during day light. Maybe that’s it, they just can never find a place where they belong entirely. They will have a good time and belong some of the time, other times, they need to face the struggle, or … just enjoy the tension I guess.

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