April 21, 2008

pre-exam evaluation of Statistical Inference

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My final for 461 is soon coming, and I just want to write down what I feel about the course before the exam, because I probably will change my mind afterwards haha.
I guess the teaching style was a bit disconcerting, but to be honest, I yet to think of a better way he could have done it. It’s just the nature of the material maybe? It really reminded me of how the previous theoretical course felt like. Sometimes these theories just have a hard time sinking into your bones… they are too insoluable.
However, I did end up working pertty hard to go through the same things over and over again, and after the final review, I think I can finally say, hmm I get it. I guess the inplementation is still in the air because I haven’t actually done it, but the theory part is more or less a clearer picture.
I’m actually glad to have done it, more because I’ll have to do something of the sort next year. Hopefully, I’ll get a different prof with different perspective, AND NOT FROM COMPUTE SCIENCE. Okay, maybe I should have someone from CS, because I’m just so inpatiant with computer iterations…
Okay, that’s that, overall, I think I learnt more in this course than in probability, even though I probably get a much better grade in the latter.

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  1. Chen said,

    I can understand your feelings about the course and the prof . machine learning  he taught is more or less like this one, three assignments almost killed us.  I have never experienced  such hopeless nights:I read the paper and wrote code and was 99% sure it wouldn\’t give the expected results! Either because I missed some very detailed things of the theory or the code has very tricky bugs.  Now I get fears of testing code : beacause his assignments "trained" me get a heavily tailed sparsity-promoting prior on the distribution of success rate of my matlab program.     

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