May 1, 2008

pain in books…

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:09 pm by changisme

I was talking to a friend about reading and about physical pain or even mental pain in these stories. It’s very hard to reconcile what to think about it. On the one hand, I’m somewhat disturbed that people, probably including me, has a certain desire to read about pains and sufferings that are out of the norm. Lashes of red and fainting weaknesses somehow feeds a very fundamental addiction in the groaning gray cells in our heads. I recall having more of such addiction as a young child. Though there was little reading materials that elaborated on torture, I made up stories for myself about how my protagonists were rediculed, beaten, abandoned.
these raw desires seemed to have faded away as I grew older. I don’t know if it’s I was educated to dislike violence or due to better reasons. When I think of some very well received young adult books, such as those by VC Andrews or HOLES. I am quite disgusted in a way that… they torture their characters beyond imagination. Christopher and her sister and the twins being cooped up in the attic for years and years by their own mother, all they could do was to swallow their tears and live on; Zero and Stanley enduring the cruelty of adults pickled by metalic hearts and fingers. I don’t really think about impact on the reader, it’s just… when I read them, I really really hate the author for doing those things to the boys and girls. On the other hand, I couldn’t help but finishing those stories. Then there’s some very painful erotica. People like them, even girls liek them. All the whips and chains. I really find it hard not to cringe, though I can sort of relate.
Why are people like that? I don’t know if young people desire these pains more or adults also do, because I have never been able to peer into the well masked adult psychy… not my own in any rate.

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