May 13, 2008

strange surgery experience

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The surgery went well, but it was a pretty strange experience. I went to the eye care centre early, and there was only a few scattered elderlies waiting to pick up their family members. The nurses, in the abundance, were greatly animated, making the place much more cheerful than than patients were showing. They asked me questions about alll the usual stuff and showed me a rather uninformative video but it was a time killer anyway. Then I followed a teel shirt nurse into the anesthetic room. There were massage chairs and heavy machineryies. I have to say I was reasonable calm, only a tingle of tightness making me vaguely aware of my own breathing. The kind and chatty nurse put drops after drops of colourless solutions into my eye, and I was only grateful that she used the freezing at the very beginning. Such a concoction can probably change a donkey into monkey. Then the surgeon came in, with a little semicircle shaped marker, marked my cornea. I had no idea why he needed to do it then rather than later. He said it’s for his own orientation. I guess anestetics might do something to the direction of the eyeball.
then there’s a young anesthetist. He gave me some sedation drugs through IV, and almost immediately, that wee bit tightness in me evaporated, and I became kinda high and chatty. Joking around and grinning. Alcohol doesn’t even do that to me. It was so weird. it was quite obvious even to myself, and the surgeon later had to tell me to stop talking when he tried to stop me from moving. How ironic.
The surgery itself was weird too. It was under a microscope, and I could see two lights, but I can’t think why microscopes would need towo lights. It’s either there’s a mirror under the microscope (which is unlikely knowing people use electronic microscope these days), or I’m just so dialated that I was seriously seeing doubles. My eye was completely numb, but I know he was turning and cutting. Since they were rather unpleasant thoughts, I just focused on staring at the light. Plus I was on sedation, which made me liek a pragnent woman… let tomorrow worry about itself!
The only time during the procedure I felt uneasy was when they turned on the little sucker vacuum, used to take out unwanted things. The sound reminds me of a dentist’s drill or at least a hygenist’s high pressure water pump. I hate those sore feelings. I don’t quite remember now what the sucking felt like, only that afterwards, with no lens, everything in the world became so small and rather distorted. I wondered if now I sit up would my iris come out. I felt sickenign that I even concieved such a question.
Inserting the new lens was a little annoying, because somehow it took a long time and I could feel the pressure. The only think I could hear him saying was "pocket … pocket"…  Surely it can’t be that hard given the pupil was dialated so large. Ineed it was because after he inserted it, I could even see the edge of the lens!! It was very very strange.
It took me a long long time to get over the muscle relaxin, even this morning I can fell some numbness and nausea. It’s not fun, especially after I stopped feeling high.
These thiings leave people such strong impressions. I recall so many details from surgery as a child, so many details including the pink haired doll I brough, and the kind of headache afterwards. It probably constituted half of my memory as an eight year old, even though it was only two weeks.
Oh, one fun thing, the nurse said I looked like a pothead, and I guess it’s good that I don’t need to try doing drugs, because I already know what it’s like to be so high.

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