May 18, 2008

back from camping

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It’s been two years since I went to Berkenhead Lake for the first time. This year I went with a different group of people, totally different dynamic. One thing that didn’t change was that we still had loads of food that could feed a village. All three days the sun had been so generous that we were engulfed in radiant sunlight and sleep inducing heat. The beach of the lake, though small, gave me sufficient confort to make up for the long and rainy winter.
This time around, I do find the trees were different though. It was almost a bit tragic. There are so many more dead tress than before. What was thriving were skunk cabbages highlighting with their yellow bright sprouts. Many trees were rotting and had to be put down. There were some, I’m not sure for what reason, had lots of black holes. They were like exagerated burnt cavities.  I sure hope that it’s not the pine beetles that were contributing to all this. A couple of years ago, the place sure looked a lot more lively, though I think the pest was already a problem then.
It was fun to hang out with Plotty, Hannah Luke and CB. The boys were like teenagers, totally made us shrug and smile. They were very eager to do things though, which is much better than lazy guys (or lazy girls like us, enjoying their services. We also did some light hikes. I guess for me, I like not having to concentrate too much on having to challenge myself, but rather to be able to enjoy the nature around me. I felt so confortbale, that I have to say I din’t even mind the mosquitos so much. Or maybe it’s just that the mosquitos didn’t ilke me as much as other people!
Aye… I still feel quite disturbed by the amount of dead trees I saw… and the holes…

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