June 2, 2008

today’s yesterday

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it’s so nice to wake up actually when the sun’s already out. I must have broken the record on how fast I’m adjusting to my jetlags. The part that’s still not quite tere yet is my digestive juice! It’s strange to eat a yummy dinner when your stomach’s still yawning in the wee hours.
Yesterday was great and exhausting, and I definitely had some blond moments, both in the sense of silliness and the sense of foreignness. First and foremost, I felt that there was just something very unspeakable about being in the SLOW traffic on a street with 14 lanes and not even in rush hour. What can I say? I wonder if you can find anywhere else in the world with such extensive road systems. Most of the roads are just 8 lanes of course, only the major ones have 8 fast lanes and 6 slow lanes, but still! The busses are numerous, each bus stop has a whole list of busses 8 or 9 and they don’t really go straight. It takes some effort to figure out which one to take. The good thing is that the roads here are all in grids, so it’s easier than eastern US or Shanghai. I like to call those confusing places a ball of yarn, whereas my aunt likes to call them blood vessels.  The good thing about the busses here is that they stop every stop, which are not so close to each other, and not only do they have automatic announcements, but the ticket sellers also yell out over and over again, just in case you didn’t catch it. If you speak Chinese, it’s incredibly accessible that way. There are usually 1 driver and 2 ticket sellers on the bus.
One of the blond moments I had was I automatically headed for the front door, but got literally banged on the head by the door, because I’m supposed to get on from the middle door and get off from the front and the back. The one advancement I see now that we didn’t have before was that they are using tose scannable cards for monthly pass now. It beeps and is quite cool. Hehe.
On the bus I was quite assured that I didn’t just become a wuss when I went to Canada in the sense that people always said I wore too much in Vancouver. I almost believed that I somehow became more afraid of the cold and got older. Yesterday, I was on the bus, and I was… on the verge of sweating, while wearing a t-shirt and mini-skirt, whereas 80% of the people on the bus were wearing jeans and pants! I can’t believe it! I’m quite happy because I probably actually became stronger in the past few years haha!
As I said, the bus system, plus the fact that come busses stopped on the fast lanes, and some on the slow lanes, caught me a little off guard, so I got on to the wrong bus in the morning. That was okay though, I remembered there’s a shopping mall along the way of this wrong bus I got onto, so I decided to go there just to take a look. I was looking forward to the emptiness of the mall in early morning on a monday, but was a little worrid that I didn’t knwo where it was fromt he bus stop.
The prior problem was proved to be false assumption, while the latter unnecessary.  When I got off the bus, I simply followed the stream of people up and down overpasses, like pupils lined up less than armlength front and back. I got to the enoremous mall just for clothing. It had 6 levels, and for heaven’s sake it was not empty at all.
The clothes were more expensive now than 4 years, ago, but still cheaper than Canada, maybe a little similar to the US, but then the quality needs a lot filtering. Not that there’s no good ones, it just takes care and time.
during lunch hour, the food court became extremely busy and dirty, jam packed with people who work in the mall and shoppers. There are chinese foods of all kinds. I had soem pumpkin congee and spicy green beans for only 1RMB each. There also specialty pastries and many stir fry dishes, only if I were hungrier.
Going to my dad’s office proved to be a bit of a challenge, because the busses were all over the place, and it was rush hour when I went there. Eventually, I reached my destination and saw his busy office. There are quite a few people there running around, and i was told that they get off work at 6pm each day. I saw one or two familiar faces, but most of the people there were newer there than four years. I guess in a small company like that, there’s just the turnover rate. It’s hard to imagine, after working in Canada, how most other countries in the world has a much faster pace in the work place, both in terms of the speed of work, but also the rate of people leaving and arriving.  My dad also showed me their usage of the SharePoint system, it seems quite good.
I saw 3yi, my third aunt, for dinner. We went to a restaurant that serves ethnic food fromt he north. It’s reasonably priced and taste very good. The decore of the place is very northern too, with very very pink flowers and bright green leaves on the back ground of bright red. It’s the kind of pattern you think of when you talk about the northern 3 provinces. The place isn’t all that famous, but it has 4 flours of seats. Do you get the theme for today? BIG, MANY.


  1. olee said,

    估计现在巧梅读你的练笔更欣慰,好孩子,没白教。读我的流水帐得气死。我当时觉得那个公交卡也超级牛x,4毛坐车打卡,真优西!可惜车上总是那么多人,城里总是堵车,没辙没辙的。去动物园淘外贸货,别去大商场买 – 贵。(我和猴子当时连着好几天去动物园,他造了一堆长短袖儿衬衫和n多条裤子,我也是小裙子小花衣数不胜数。)

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