June 4, 2008

day at my grandparents’

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If is one place that I could call "comfort from the past", that would be my grendparents’. It’s not exactly unchanged, they got a cat and some new hobbies, but its the routines, they pace, the technologies and the bed that remain unchanged. The town they live in is also remote enough that it doesn’t really catch the fuming advancement Beijing radiates.
From the long distance bus station, I hired a tsuk tsuk and told her the address. However heavy my eyelids felt, my heart was pumped with excitement. Think about it, it’s been four years, sixteen seasons, fourty-eight months ince I last cruised around this peaceful little town, where buildings are not commercial and so not so crowded as else where, where people come out in the hot summer nights in not-so-pretty clothing to walk off their dinner and dance with bright coloured kerchieves.
The security dial pad for my grandparents building has long been broken, and they have had their big metal doors opened. They live on the fourth floor of a 25 -story building, whereas my aunt’s family lives on the 24th in the same building. My grandparents had their door opened behind an insect screen door, so I could hear their talking when I first got up from the stairs. It’s still the same.
After the many timeless hugs and kisses and their dazzling smiles, my grandma said she has "programs" for me, the first is to show me the cat. Obviously, the cat is scared of me and hid under the bed. I tried giving her food, but to no aveil. I could only let it be, and take a peek at her once in awhile from afar. She’s a beautiful cat with dark brown fur and black lined patterns. In fact, we think that she looks like a little tiger. She likes my grandma the best, guess she has never inflicted any trauma on her. I was told the many stories about how my grandpa dn aunt trying to trim her nails, and ever since then, my aunt’s entry to the apartment makes the cat flee under the bed until her eventual sorti.
In the evening, my grandparents, my aunt and uncle and I went to a neighbourhood restaurant, because everyone is too hot to bother with a grand cooking champaign. IT’s a nice little place with old tables and chairs, but huge portions and lots of spice. They make their own tofu and soymilk which we had a bowl each before meal. I have to say, in a lot of cases, I can’t taste the difference even when the restaurants make their own ingredients verses buying them, but in this case, I could definitely tell. It’s wonderful, the soymilk was fresh and rich while the toful also had great tastes and texture. We also had some BBQ skewers.
The problem with a large round table is that, elderlies who can’t hear very well have hard times joining in the conversations, though my grandparents have long gotten used to it. They usually concentrate on what they could chew and what they could eat and obviously what they like to eat. They talk about all the heath tips and so on. I don’t know if it’s just my family or it’s Chinese, people are very into health tips, books and tv programs on this topic never seem to shift from the central stage of the entertainment stream. Oh yeah, one interesting thing peole seem to be doing is to use diffrent toothpaste in the morning and at night these days. Aparently it’s been said that this can fortify your teeth with the strength of different tooth paste makeup.
One of the hobbies my grandparents, my aunt and many others had picked up was to make flours with very colourful fabric that’s used for women’s long stocking, the really thin and semi-transparent kind you wear under skirts. They bought me all the tools and materials. So I was shown how to make them yesterday and made some of my own. I really doubt that I’ll have room in my suitcase to bring it back, but it’s really quite fun. Although my grandma insists that I need to follow the books, one could get quite creative with it. It’ s just wires covered with colours! Aparently the stores that started this whole thing did quite well.
Now I"m up early again, I chatted and ate melon seeds till about 11 last night… shouldn’t have gotten up so early 😦 oh well.


  1. olee said,

    豆儿浆我们也喝了不少,一天每人早上就两大袋儿家庭装,美啊~ 煎饼吃了,可惜糖油饼儿没找到,我们家那块儿的自由市场太不传统了。
    夏天在北京可别忘了吃凉面(麻酱,辣椒油,黄瓜丝儿,还有海绵状的豆腐块儿-从来不记得学名叫什么)。 不过我感觉东西真的是贵了,一大瓶儿冰红茶原来两三块,现在五六块;在超市胡乱买点儿就三五十出去了,合着不比国外便宜多少了。现在塑料袋收费,才1,2毛。瞧着不疼不痒的定价。应该1块一个才有效力呢,要不然向我妈那样的环保意识中等偏下的不拿这1,2毛当事儿。

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