June 5, 2008


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Back from my grandparents place. Their town hasn’t changed all that much. It’s because the it’s part of the south and west suburbs where the development was minimal. Both the south and the west are down wind from Beijing, so the government build all the chemical factories there. In fact, my grandparents worked in one, and my aunt is currently working in one. So, the land in these areas are not developed for commercial and residential purposes. When I went there, it’s still the same… from the 90’s, mostly. Fashion changed a bit, facilities changed a bit, but people’s habbits are still the same. On the one hand, I really like it, because people seem to retained a lot of the good things, like cycling, walks after dinner, slower pace of life… but I guess it’s really partial, I mean people do earn relatively less (though things do cost less too, like playing badminton is only 5rmb, as opposed to 6-10 times as much in the city. there’s probably also less work outside of the big factories and their research facilities. I’m not sure if it’s more in the city. I know all over the country, people who work in publically owned corporations retire when they are 55, or even sooner, just so younger peopel can have work. In the city, the proportion of people working in the public sector is a lot smaller than here, so maybe there’s that factor.
My aunt works as an editor in an academic journal, she just started it probably 2 years ago, and she likes it very much. I htink she’s quite happy, and so I was happy too. She’s always been one of the happiest people I know though. She said that she’s finally found the kind of work she loves, but she’s going to retire in a few years at the age of 53. My grandma retired when she was 55, and she learnt how to do lots of things though. I don’t think she could cook before she retired.
Another interesting thing is that, men reture older, I’m not sure what age, but probably 60 or so. Isn’t that interesting? I wonder why, because men live shorter than women don’t they? Shouldn’t they retire earlier than women?? Unless one believe that the amount of work you could do is directly related to how sexually active you are.
Okay, enough joking around. I’m getting ready for my grand trip! I need to pack, but I can’t find a money belt! Oh well, I’ll find something of the sort. The stores here don’t seem to have heard of it.

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