June 7, 2008


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Went to a tea house with my aunt and her friend yesterday. We stayed there for the whole day, only came out for a big of food at lunch. It was a nice place near the university my parents went to. The outer door was glass, but once we went inside, the decor was a warm air of wood. The windows were patterned only shedding dim light on the tea sets on the large table. Each little room only has one table for one group of people sitting and chatting. The place is actually not really a tea house, it’s a tea store. People drink here more for friendly chats and purchases afterwards. The owners were a young couple with a 10 month old baby, they chat with their customers, like she chatted with us for the whole day over 3 clumps of tea. We talked about all kinds of things, like children, marriage, life, earthquake, and of course tea. Pu Er tea is good in that sense, it can get you through hours without becoming too blend. I always loved it, and always try to have some when I visit my aunt. I can’t really afford it on my own. It’s actually a very sad thing, because it used to be pretty cheap, more expensive than green tea obviously, but not so much. A few years ago though, it somehow became something you can store and earn money. the price raised by 1000% or more. It’s crazy. Tea pickers from yunnan wound up picking so much fromt he trees that the tea produced in following years became blend, so they started mixing fake ones, low grade ones and so on. Some ignorant bastards even chopped down the ancient trees because the lower branches were all picked clean. 
I’m going onto the train in a few hours. I hope

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