July 21, 2008

singapore and hong kong

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So now that I have some time, I can elaborate a little more on Singapore. The orderliness of the country is definitely pronounced, though it’s probably just like Vancouver, which is one of the easiest place to survive in terms of getting the information you need in order to get to where you need to go or what you need to do. The road signs are not as clair as the US, but then.. US highways are incredible, what can you say?
Anyhow, Singapore which its all emcompassing MRT and bus syustem as well as the signages that shows you where to go, really is  easy to commute. The streets are not grid like though, so I guess in that sense it’s not as easy as Vancouver, but if I had spent a little longer in the place, I would have no problem knowing where I am. The place also seems to be dominated by shopping malls and food junctions. Weekend is definitely when the roads are most packed. I was surprised and wondered where all the people all of a sudden came from, from the earth or the sky? They seem to pack the escalators (which by the way, seems to run twice the peed as in Vancouver!), and the road crossings. Well, in a sense, it’s definitely something special to see asians in an asian country actually waiting for the lights to change before crossing the streets. These people are usually shopping or eating, latter more than the former. Near the durian stands, it’s a little more chaotic, people with their green addicted eyes crowd around the seller who cells a durian ffrom 50 cents to 10 sing dollars. The $5 or $10 ones are usually yellow or red meat, and very thick and creamy, the chaaper ones are not as good, thinner flesh and usually white. the $2 ones are good enough for me, but I had to control mself not to eat too much.  There are big buckets full of durian shells and buckets to wash your hands afterwards. We squat or sittle on the curb eating with our hands sticky and slimy, definitely not a pretty scene.
The national theater which also havea  big food junction, looks just like a big durian, in fact that’s wha tthey call the place. The building has two round sections, and are spiky. I saw some new graduates in their gowns walking out of the place. It reminds me of when we got out of the Chan Centre. People all over the world are doing the same thing…
I visited the Night Safari, it’s definitely one of a kind. It’s basically the Singpapore zoo at night. The leopards, the zebras, the civets, the rhinos… wow, so many. The coolest thing si that they are seen at night, really the feel of their natural awakenings. I guess it’s bit fake still, because we still have lights over them so we can see… but afterall, it’s a zoo, not a jungle… Oh, did you know that the zebras that are black and white stripes and white with black stripes are actually differen species??
Today, I’m in HK living with my cousins. They live in this very old building, with relatively big rooms and high ceilings, but the elevator was tiny. We had 2 people in the elevator, and we couldn’t turn. It’s also an ancient piece of mechanism. I think it’s gotta be antique. It’s a wooden door that opens with a knob, and inside, the elevator itself is cased in with mettle fenses, and you push that open and get in. Throuhgout the ride, you can almost touch the doors through the fense, until when you are at your right floor, you’d push aside the clinking metal fense and push open the wooden door. I can’t believe I can actualy be in an elevator like this. It’s so cool.
It’s also quite amazing that |I live really close to Merian! I’ll see her on Wednesday. We are probably 2 minutes away, from each other. Aye… I miss my friends I’m familiar with… wherever they are.

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