August 11, 2008

finally some comment on Beijing bathed in Olympics

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So I wonder if it’s time to talk about the Olympics now. I’ve been resisting it because the whole city of Beijing has totally become an Olympic city, TV, radio and even people would have nothing else to talk about. It’s really a big event, but I’m getting a little rebellious.
The opening ceremony was quite grand. It reminds me of past big ceremonies in Beijing. It’s always been tens of thousands of people creating big images, never in such complex artestry but the style is very Chinese. I have to admit that it’s very grand and some very beautiful, but I don’t know if I like the individual always is seen as part of the whole kind of philosophy. Maybe I’m overly sensitive, it’s just a dance, an art, but the mentality is entranched in all aspect of the Chinese lives.
I watched beach volleyball on TV, even though the park is actually really close to my place. The two Chinese guys are really cute, as dark as lighter africans too! The day they played was when the rain finally came in Beijing. Before then the whole atmosphere was like a steam plate in a dim sum restaurant. Now, I feel more alive that the rain washed away the steam clouding around people’s foreheads.
On TV now is diving. I like watching it maybe because I feel it makes me feel cool. The city has many of its indoor swimming pool closed. I hate the outdoor ones, because it’s way too dirty with way too many people. One thing I feel weird is that, this time around, the sport commentators on TV and radio are always sooo positive compared to before. They are always saying how good everyone is, chinese or otherwise. It annoys me a little bit, even though I like it better than the american idol style, but I think just like before is quite good. There is more time to say actual meaningful things.
I wonder if it’s a good time for someone to visit Beijing for the first time now. There are totally not as many people as it usually does. I feel half of the people are off of the streets, and at least a third are out of the city. It’s because originally, Beijing’s population has a quater from outside of the city. Now that some are let go, and some just went away voluntarily, the city feels emptier (still not in the same scale as north american cities of course).
This year, Beijin has very good peaches! Mmmm

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  1. wanli said,

       your tense is very good. my tense don\’t~ 

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