August 15, 2008


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It was amazing that we gathered 16 people from senior high. Many people hadn’t seen each other since the end of high school. The interesting thing was that many people from that class and I hardly talked when I was there, because I was more of a in the shadow character. Now when we met, we talked a lot, and my throat was hurting afterwards. I don’t know if it’s because we hadn’t seen each other for a long time, or it was because we are more mature now.
It’s interesting how I never really felt sad that people have moved on, this time or in the past. Even though some complain about the life beyond school is tiring and complicated, they all seem to have a life to look forward to. Most people have some changes they know they want to make. Hope outlines their faces, frowning or smiling alike. I guess that’s what life is about, to live on with hope, waving a little flag or one colour or another.

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  1. Juelyn said,

    word "Nostalgic " always attract people\’s eyeball before, now and in the future. when we became older, we pay more care to our past. we wanna catch sth since we may lost, missed, or wanna continue …

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