October 20, 2008

the wine is still flowing…

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More and more, i feel that God is about encompassing everything. it’s about big, about being big and about recognizing big. On the one hand, He would praise the good semaritan for good works and compassion, while ont he other hand, He would say that believe is what ultimately saves a soul. There are so-called contradictions everywhere , not just inside the scriptures, but all folded into my life. It is really my foolishness to feel stressed about them. My eyes are still not looking at what He is trying hard to show me with all these details and stories.
Ultimately, it is about goodness, not in human nature or behavior, not in natural phenomina, but rather in goal and direction. I probably don’t believe in the circular argument in a lot of philosophies, because I think there is a goodness or in other words truth we strive towards, but I do seem to, more and more, understand the balance argument in the eastern philosophies. It’s not really about Ying and Yang, but rather we as humans can do or appreciate only a small pool of good from the immense ocean of good. We might not be able to both be a very very good semaritan and a very very good believer, but at least, we could recognize that both being the good semaritan and the good believer is so valuable to God. All these beautiful things are there for us to make our own cocktail. All God is trying to reveal to us is the fact that all these cocktail… comes from Him and in fact, He still has so so much more ingredients!
It is true that our cup maybe full, but the more important thing is that the wine is still flowing.


  1. wanli said,

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  2. 小西 said,


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