November 18, 2008


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So when human were all raving about the coming of space age, we didn’t realize that what would be clinging onto our attention is really what’s happening to our own livelihood (environment, wars and diseases). Remember the story wrote a long time ago by EM Forester, the Machine Stopped? Why do we always over estimate our ability to separate ourselves from the most basic elements?
I spend a scary amount of time on the computer each day, both for the purpose of to work and to not work. However, it really does not replace any basic needs. I yearn just as much for food and air, and I yearn just as much for the touch of paperback and human skin. I yearn just as much for the trees and the sound of voices. I don’t know about other people, but seeing a beautiful picture on the screen makes me want to find out where I can see it in person, hearing a voice on the telephone makes me wantt o feel the breath by my ears. Who says that we live in ellutions? These are only means, but not ends.
Some people say that seeing things on screen or hearing sounds on the phone make us less motivated to seek it out in person. That might be so, but it also makes it easier for us to reach the ends, not mentioned I don’t even think that most people are less motivated. 
One thing that does fog our minds, is that we have many choices. That’s why I feel it ironic when some human-right advocat who says the word "choice" every other word, could be against people spending a lot of time on modern technologies. (yes, I have heard many such speeches…) Should we have many choices or not? That’s the classic question isn’t it? I wonder if God knows, because He definitely struggles with how many choices He should give us. 
An aside, I really can’t help but feel bad for God. He must feel really lonely and unfulfilled. Think about it, he has to go through so much trouble creating so many things in order to have someone and something to love. At the same time, they are so small and can’t fill him up. More and more, I don’t like to think of God as being so lonely… I don’t know where I can find the answer though, I don’t want to think of Him as being so very different.

November 12, 2008

Slumdog Milionaire

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So I went to see the promo preview of Slumdog Millionaire with Dan. It was such a good movie! When I saw the trailer, I thought it would be one of those movies that use the "strangeness" of the poor developing countries to appeal to the exotic seeking western audience, while in fact, I found out that it’s not, or not in it’s essence at least.

The movie is very full of flesh, full of beautiful people. It’s really about the human emotion and the joy and pains of life, rather than pitiful big-eyed children appealing for sympathy. I felt heart wrenching rather than tear soaked.

The film had a large cast, the three main characters had 3 stages of their lives acted out by three actors/actresses each, and the kids and youth were people from the actual slums. I can’t believe they were such good actors! I have to say they were much better than those from Yimou Zhang’s film.

Danny Boyle, the director was also there. He answered questions with lots of straight forward sincerity, didn’t stumble on any questions. I just felt that answering questions on the spot would always be really hard. So I guess either he’s just really good at these things, or he just devoted so much to it that he probably had 10 times as much prepared without actually preparing in terms of the Q&A.

November 11, 2008

vibrational senses

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So the new theory is that our sense of smell doesn’t base on the shape of molecules but rather the vibrational frequencies of the bonds. The support is that molecules with very similar shapes smell drastically different while those with similar frequency spectra smell very similar. As for how our nose does it, there is only a proposal, or I should say, some mechanisms have been proposed as possible in our physiology, but not known to be a fact.

This is very interesting, because our vision, hearing and touch are all vibrational, now adding the sense of smell? Is taste then a different sense from all the others? Is this another beautiful tough tough question in the science Tri Bond?

If our perception of the world is so based on vibration, it makes me think of the nature of our detection of information. Is it another extension of the uncertainty principle that, if we can only detect vibration or movement, then we have to absolutely acknowledge the nonexactitude of all that we know. I personally haven’t a clue how quantum mechanics work, but if that’s the case, are all sensories more or less a detection of vibration, ie, even in a smaller scale?

How about time? Time flows forward as we detect them, is that a trivial kind of vibration? What is vibration anyway? Maybe the vibration a chemist talks about is different from the vibration a physicist talks about? One in a larger molecular scale, one being the quantum level electron clouds? Umm… I’m not sure, all very very fascinating…..