December 14, 2008

glass sculpture and snow

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:36 am by changisme

Yesterday I was downtown, above a coffee shop we went to there is a gallery called Traver’s and displayed glass work from a couple of artists. Once artist has all hir glass in the form of twigs and twine, "woven" into baskets or other containers. Each small glass pieces were shiny as crystal, showed all its crispy and unbending nature. My muscles twitched a little, because I felt a sense of inalterable destiny. They were held together in such intricate elegance, but they are exactly as they are individually. There’s no change in them because they are woven together. There’s no changing their positions. If the glass were in mashed texture and softened surface, I might felt otherwise, but the icy radiant saddens me. I could helpt but lifting a finger to touch it, just in case I’m wrong… maybe they were warm and soft afterall? But no…

As I walked outside later in the night, it was snowing, the streets were dusted by small snowflakes. They were hardly flakes at all in fact. Snow is beautiful no doubt, but for a while I felt they also look very lonely. They don’t care about each other, and aren’t influenced by each other. They come down into the world in their own accordiance, and stay on the ground just as they landed.

Then again, I collided in midair to form bigger flakes, they get scooped up and squeezed into a big snow ball but puffy soft gloves filled with cotton. They land on the nose of a squirrel and give her a little start and be shaken off. They are everywhere and tumble into all sorts of troubles. Is that because they were not glass, or was it because they didn’t stay in a gallery?


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