June 30, 2009

what a beautiful urban life

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I was walking on the over pass enveloped in the sound and sight of traffic flowing under me. My heart thumped with resonance.

This is definitely not the first time I marveled the sight of traffic. "Artery" is definitely the right word for the ceaseless, and yet dynamically immobile torrent. The whole thing often reminds me of a water fall, the sound muffling any screaming punk in my earphone, and the sight leading my eyes from one horizon to the other. BBack in Beijing, these over passes are more easily encountered, I often leaned over the railing trying to decide which lane should be numbered 1 and which one 16. It was even more fun to see the relative speed amongst all the lanes, a much grander sight from above than at ground level.

It’s almost embarrassing to feel the city is just as astoundingly beautiful as nature, so long as I’m outside and treading each fibre, although I did eventually realize, the heart thumping effect was mostly due to climbing up the whole way than the excitement.


June 25, 2009

picture on the wall, folded.

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I wouldn’t say I’m very surprised to hear Michael Jackson’s death, after all, everyone dies, especially in the news. He does hold some kind of significance doubtlessly. I have to say that he was probably more adored in Asia than in America, I’m probably somewhere in the middle, I find him so far away from what I can comprehend that my mind cannot produce any kind of opinion.

One of the news report from Asia says his contribution to modern pop is incomparable and he has made the music community accept people of colour, okay that to me is quite some BS, especially since what he’d done to his own skin. I recall when I was in high school, some guys loved his songs so much that they sang them in every talent show, karaoke competition they could find. He represented american music more than Back Street Boys or Elvis. One guy even tried to dance like him. Even at that time, I felt sad for myself, because I could not understand even the guy who mimicked Jackson, let alone the celebrity himself. Nonetheless, the ferver was there, unmistakable, the probably must had been in myself.

Then when I came to Canada, everyone is bashing him like a half dead fish. I felt a little sorry for the guy. He’s soul was so beaten I felt that nobody gives him a breather. Why would people hate him so much when his life is so sad? Mostly though, I find him in such a distant world from my own, I don’t think I can ever have a place in my heart that either relate to hate him. He’s… really just a picture on the wall, impossible to get off, stuck there forever.