July 12, 2009

Oral traditions

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We always talk about the oral traditions in cultures other than our own. It would always involve premitive clothing and people telling stories. We seems to have a rather unavoidable oral tradition also, especially obvious when I see those pictures of us sitting around listening to someone blabber. We enjoy it so much and we do it so much. The other word that never seems to die would be gossip!

July 3, 2009

knowing the limbo

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I didn’t know that a thousand years before the Renaissance the people actually called the time they lived in the "Middle Times". This is rather interesting because I always thought terms such as the "Middle Ages" and "transitional period" are all retrospective. Nowadays we always think of ourselves are being post-such and such, or even apocalyptic for some. I wonder what kind of difference in social mentality would constitute to the different hopes and prospects for the future. Doubtless to say, different groups of people would have different views on this, and I yet to find out who those people with long term visions to see themselves as the middle of two primes.