August 2, 2009

strange human ethics on genetic engineering

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I was reading this book called How to Build a Dinosaur. It’s about genetically engineering a dinosaur out of chicken. Personally I don’t have a problem with genetic modification or even specie creation/re-creation, but one statement both in the book and news release just made me feel… our sense of moral (or should it be ethic?) is so distorted.

Because people questioned the ethics of doing such recreation, the group says that if any specimen/individual animal is to be recreated, they would all be in singleton and would not be able to mate.

Seriously? This is supposed to be more ethical than creating a herd of them? So, too bad, do you not only have to endure all these endless lab tests, gawking and woos and ahs, you will always have to be in your lonesome, all because we need to be very kind to you and make you die before you can make trouble for yourself by having children. Oh, and by creating one of you, I technically haven’t done anything.

Basically, we believe that if we let one individual die, it’s alright, but if we create a species and they somehow go extinct or escape… then we are inflicting pain on the poor fellas. That doesn’t make sense unless you are a big advocate for mass abortion or even sterilization.