October 16, 2009

the optimal blend of heroism

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I was watching the Shawshank Redemption yesterday. (only the best movie ever? Albeit heavy for a happy and light hearted night.) It makes me think about the way we live. We mostly live like Red, enjoying the small things, or we live like Brooks, being kind and furnish a cozy niche for our humble existence. We live in the world and assume the world lives in us. For the past year or so, I’ve actually been trying to do that. It’s a happy way to live. It’s an easy way to live. It’s a life that harms neither myself nor others, and most of all, it’s a life that is not lonely. I believe most of what define who we are, is how we live, the style of which we have a choice more or less. That’s why I hate it when someone tells me I as a person is similar to someone else whose life I fear to replicate. I believe I have a choice in the matter.

On the other hand, there are those heros, those who live looking beyond the walls. They harbor hope that stretches long into the future or even beyond time itself. Their happiness lies in the possibilities rather than the existence. Their decisions are driven by the unknown. They are air-headed, because chances are they look so far ahead that they stumble upon a branch beneath their feet. Many people prefer to lead a life like this. I can’t. I find it disturbing, in fact.  It’s like reversing the universe, putting the spotlight on something you cannot see and dimming the lights on those clear and beautiful details. Black seen as white, and white as black… yikes, dizzy.

Is it really possible to have a vision so wide that you can live both in the present and in the future? Is it only possible in movies? It must be so tiring. My head would explode by the strain.  Maybe the two ways are just the two extremes, and we all live somewhere in the middle. A couple tablespoon of realism and half a cup of airheadedness. Hmm, only if it could be described as an ROC curve, we can find the optimal blend…