November 18, 2009

walking deep into the fall

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The autumn air is tight, and the morning sun rays pierce straight through every layer of veneer I brush upon me. There is so much coating around my person that I feel untruthful. At times such as today, I wear pink sweater with matching earphones feeling like dingledodies, and yet, when I charge straight into the torrent of life, I realize I’m not so strong and reckless. There is, at times, the dichotomy between if I’m brave enough to lead my life and if I’m crazy enough to let life lead me. There are also times when the two coincide, but there is still the fear. It is times like this morning, however, that I realize how estranged from but vulnerable to the actual elements of nature I am. All my humanly conducts are like treading in midair, naively thinking I can feel the softness of autumn leaves beneath my feet.

November 1, 2009

from social networking to souls

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Earlier this year, it was all over the media when scientist from the US showed that people’s social network circle has a strong impact on their health. The few studies that were conducted focused on pregnancy and obesity. It was shown that where you are in the network is associated with your individual makeup, which is unsurprising, but also, the network that is not immediately related to you, is also associated with your DNA. For example, some people like to introduce their friends to their other friends, so their networks are more entangled than others. In other words, how my network and my friend’s network look like is more than the sum of our two immediate networks. There is another layer of meaning that comes from the information that describes how we are connected. This is described in the book Connected.

What it makes me think of are souls. We always talk about how we are more than an aggregate of billions of cells. It all sounds beautiful but like a wishful thinking. Now, however, it’s much easier for me to imagine how my soul is really there, not just there because I want it to be. It’s the part that is beyond.

For the math/stats nerds out there, I used to think of my soul as the residuals that are left unexplained by my model. Now I don’t like it anymore, because all models are false, and the remaining variations can also be explained further by augmenting the model, but my cells are real. Even if I fully understand each cell, I cannot augment my cell model enough to account for all my individuality. Afterall, this is only an analogy. Social networking though, is not just an analogy, I think it’s really the same mechanisms.