November 18, 2009

walking deep into the fall

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:10 am by changisme

The autumn air is tight, and the morning sun rays pierce straight through every layer of veneer I brush upon me. There is so much coating around my person that I feel untruthful. At times such as today, I wear pink sweater with matching earphones feeling like dingledodies, and yet, when I charge straight into the torrent of life, I realize I’m not so strong and reckless. There is, at times, the dichotomy between if I’m brave enough to lead my life and if I’m crazy enough to let life lead me. There are also times when the two coincide, but there is still the fear. It is times like this morning, however, that I realize how estranged from but vulnerable to the actual elements of nature I am. All my humanly conducts are like treading in midair, naively thinking I can feel the softness of autumn leaves beneath my feet.

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