April 7, 2010


Posted in Uncategorized at 10:22 pm by changisme

My bike had a flat tire today. The inner tube was eroded by a wrinkle of the lining that aims to protect the inner tube from sharp objects. This lining has been in there for at least a couple of years, so maybe it really has prevented much damage, but it does not change the irony of the situation. A bike tech at the shop was chatting with me about allergies and now the antibacterial agents we have around us so much are making our children have allergies and get sick. It’s the same irony all over again. Life is full of inexplicables, even life itself is one. We rush around so much trying to get to the next stage of our lives, and that’s how we "live fully", and yet, all we are doing is finishing the course of life. I guess that’s not really the only choice. For me, I can either live the irony and embrace death… or… I can just move sideways?

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