July 27, 2010

Sea Glass

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A piece of sea glass fell out of my pocket. Rui generously gave
it to me after her trip to the beach. Its shades of blue and purple hide behind
an ambiance of white. Sea glass always has a special place in my heart, not
because it’s beautiful, for many things are, but because it’s the embodiment of
humanity and of me.

The sea glass was once bright and glistening, like the crown
of Mary Modena and the red pyramids of the Mayan Empire. It felt so different that
it feared its own existence. It felt its own glare under the sun could cremate
all lynx spiders in the world. It felt both proud and guilty that it had
intricate patterns. It volunteers to take part in all kinds of equipment to
save the world, to save those who are less fortunate.

From men’s ego it was born, and by men’s ego it was broken.
All its life, running around begging to be useful, in the end it was only shards
of honour washing into the sea.

It felt alienated from the rest of nature, for it does not
reduce into the earth, neither does it reincarnate into spring grass. It
believed its own birth place was apart from nature.  Days upon days, weeks upon weeks, months upon
months and years upon years, the waves pushes and pull. Be it sand, pebble or
sea glass, all dulled their ego in the perpetual motion.

It is only then, it forgets about time and self, realizes it
is no more special than anything else, but it is also then, a girl with glasses
and pink sweat shirt picks it up and gives it to another girl who is still full
of ego and would write pretentiously as if she understands.