August 31, 2010

social trappings.

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Everyone could and therefore should achieve the high standards established by social trappings. Every girl should wear high heels, everybody should squeeze their head through high level education, every woman should wax no matter how painful it is. Why is it everyone wants to measure to the same standards? It’s because nowadays, we believe we all start from a leveled playing field. We are targeted by the same marketing schemes. What is the alternative? Instead of powdering our faces with the same brand of foundation, we label ourselves and powder our faces with different brands of foundation. 

In an ideal world, we can all embrace differences but not discriminate, but can we really do that? We seem to either believe we are all the same, or believe we are different. Is it more harmful to put people in boxes, or push them all to the front line? My mother always talked about friends and family, so and so isn’t the material for such and such, they shouldn’t even try so hard, making their life a misery. Is that giving up? Or is that accepting the diversity in the world?
One may say that putting people in boxes doesn’t exactly stop people from being put in the wrong box. Is there more or less chance of being put int he wrong box if there are more than one box, than if there is just one big box? Mathematically, this depends on the number of people and the number of boxes there are. In practice, there is also the question of, how much hardship and confusion should an individual rightfully endure simply because it’s part of life?