November 30, 2010

Romulan interview

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These few days I’ve been feeling angsty and bad tempered, so I drew a comic to make myself feel busier and better.




November 17, 2010

dimension misalignment

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Back from the land of delicious food, too many people, hard to maneuver internet and incredible public transit. There are all the small things I can compare between my old country and the new world, and my preference would waiver depending on how dry my skin and lips are or how hungry I am. At the end of the day, I feel Seattle is more like home. it’s a rediculous notion because I’ve only been here for a couple of years, if anything I should feel Vancouver more like home.

It’s probably because of temporal continuity. I know what have happened at t – 1 and what need to happen at t + 1, here, in Seattle. Therefore, I can say, I know what and who and where I am at time t. I perform my duties, take my risks, make my complaints based on who I am. In Beijing, I kind of insert into a different dimension. There is nothing before and nothing after, just now. My sense of belonging can only be derived “horizontally” by the connection with other people. These connections are also not about current involvement, but rather defined in the past: grandparents, childhood friends, etc. These connections are static. Once Kings and Queens of Narnia, always Kings and Queens.

The two places are like two dimensions for me. There was one strange moment on my way back. The monotonous airline crew handed out the blue US custom form. My finger rubbing the familiar texture of the small strip of paper, I couldn’t remember my US address clearly. When I wrote my street number, it looked very strange. I asked Jon, what’s my address? He shrugged expectedly. I was quite amused by this but didn’t really care. When I eventually got home, hooked up my computer to deal with some billing issues, I naturally remembered my address (which is different from what I filled out on the custom form earlier). This must be a classic case of dimension misalignment.

Having said all that, no matter how I feel dislocated or how I argue with my parents over ideology, nothing, absolutely nothing is better than having the parents and grandparents all at the dinner table.