December 12, 2010


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While looking through my personal documents, I found an old slip of paper with the Canadian national anthem lyrics on it, one side English, one side French. It made me think of all the anthems around me.

I don’t know what I feel about anthems. They generally make me feel I belong to a larger entity, a feeling of security and motivation, but I don’t always want this feeling.

Sorry to say, but I feel there hasn’t been many versions of the Canadian anthem I really been impressed with. The current lyrics are very empty, the older lyrics are slightly better but not much. Anthem lyrics are probably hard to be good since it’s all about patriotism, which is a senseless and yet shared topic. The music is safe and dull. It’s not as courageous as the music from, say, the chinese anthem.

Jimi Hendrix version of the US anthem is probably the best anthem I’ve ever heard. It doesn’t have lyrics which might have helped, but mostly because the song is fully juiced up by the artist. It’s like a water balloon ready to burst any minute.

There has also been a few attempts to energize the Russian anthem. As far as the versions I’ve heard, it hasn’t been that successful.

I also really like 国队歌 by 唐朝乐队. It’s not as good as how Hendrix did it, as it feels more restrained, but you can definitely still feel the attempt. I especially feel sad when I hear their version because the lyrics are so much about the hope for equality and socialist democracy, but look at where communism got us so far? I can feel the frustration of the 80’s and 90’s radiating from the rock stars. 唐朝乐队 has been around for awhile, and so few other bands come out these days. I wonder if people have given up feeling frustrated by now…

I don’t really want to talk about God save the Queen, other than… God Save the Queen is just a weird song. It asks God to screw every other country in order for the Queen to live for a long long time. It also makes the Queen into a completely helpless figure. Sad…



  1. Matt said,

    I think I liked O Canada much better back when I was still somewhat unfamiliar with the English language and couldn’t actually parse any of it. (I thought “our home and native land” was an acknowledgment that we were living on land that belonged to natives, not, you know, the exact opposite of that.)

    • changisme said,

      Haha, wow, didn’t know you were so progressive at an early age Matt!

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