April 7, 2011

Re Hark A Vagrant’s Caesar part one

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Work has been pretty fun, though not as much collaboration as I have hoped. During my small break from making long tables and writing “Result” sections, I saw this new post in Hark a Vagrant. It’s referring to the assassinating of Julius Caesar. Noted that I know nothing of Roman history, aside from what is dramatized by Shakespeare. The problem with the punchline of this comic is that it could be interpreted two ways, one is the pajamas had gladiators on it, which it looks like it does, but it could also be that these are pajamas FOR gladiators.

Historians believe gladiators had very good health care because they were expensive investments for the rich. It could well be that they also had pajamas right? Sleeping with comfortable clothing can enhance quality of sleep and thus strengthen the immune system. Compared to sleeping with outdoor leather or robes, circulation would be unrestricted when wearing pajamas. Compared to sleeping naked, the gladiator would be less likely to contract skin disease. If the pajamas were unattractive as in the comic, it could even prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

It is more likely that Caesar just had his secret nerdity for gladiators, like I had a Klingon pajamas or someone else having a TMNT pajamas. One may argue that gladiator pajamas could simply be a class marker, but it is unlikely due to two reasons. One is that the public is not likely to see it, (until he gets shot.) Another is that he is actually above the other Gladiator owner class… Wearing gladiator pajamas is really “marking down” for him. He should wear pajamas that have little Colosseums all over.

Of course, there is also the possibility of childhood attachment. There may have once been a gladiator with thick eyebrows and wide shoulders Julius always loved as a boy. Even after the gladiator’s glorious demise the emperor have kept him close at heart, believing that only him could protect Him from potential assassinations. awww how sweet!