July 16, 2011

San Diego 3: Animals

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Finally, I have sometime to look at the rest of our San Diego trip pictures. I just love all the pictures we took at the San Diego Zoo. I wonder if that’s a form of maternal instinct. In other words, I’m actually baby crazy but I don’t really want a human baby yet, so instead I keep wanting to look at animals. I know this is a far stretched conjecture, but why else do I feel the compulsion to look at some mentally underdeveloped, innocent, self-centered individuals who eat, sleep and play fight all day? Oh god, this is some scary introspection…

The first time I went to San Diego a long time ago, we didn’t go to the zoo, because whoever took me there felt it was too expensive, and they knew all I would do was to look at goats. This time around, I enjoyed all parts of the zoo, and I can’t even say which is my favourite. Maybe the otters?

The polar bears were much more active than any other large animals we saw. I think it’s because these are a pair of playful youngsters. The zoo keepers said that in order to keep the polar bears from over heating, they put them on a diet (with more carrots), so they lose quite a bit of fat and hence can endure more heat. I’m not sure what to this of this tactic. We do a lot of things to animals in order to keep them in foreign habitats, and this is certainly not the least humane. Nonetheless, this feels like starving the model in order to keep them on stage.

And then there’s the lazy folks…








I love giraffes, simply because of their incredible looking tongue and disproportionally small head. When I saw the line up of the above 3 giraffes, I immediately thought about I Just Can’t Wait To Be King.

I do criticize media for inaccurately portray the false harmony in nature, as if animals and plants get along. It’s similar to the silly assumption that hunter gatherer societies are devoid of war and exploitation. We, being less in touch with nature, should learn what it’s like to respect nature with all its complex ecological politics. Having said all that, when different species dine together, it’s still quite cute.

The following picture I dedicate to my dear friend Jane, who once had the courage and patience to stare at these critters in the middle of nowhere for 4 months.
There are quite a few meercat dwellings in the zoo. The keepers told us that this is partly because different mobs don’t get along. For each of these locations, we only saw the sentries.

Meercat mobs are quite interesting. The alpha couple govern the group together, and they usually evict fertile females. It’s quite weird. On the one hand, they want a sizable gang for easier survival. On the other hand, they don’t want genetic competition. It’s like us girls. We want girlfriends to gossip with, but on the other hand, we back stab each other because they waggle their asses in front of our men.

Vultures, on the other hand, just congregate for no good reason. First one flies up, then a second one follows.

Then a third one joins them.

Eventually, everyone’s on the tippy top of the tree and the latest bird has nowhere to stand. Sounds like Beijing’s restaurant fads? Every couple of years, there would be a restaurant fad blowing through the streets of Beijing. Every second store front would be a restaurant, and every second restaurant would be following the fad. A short lived fad was Shanghai food. A pretty cool one was spicy crawdads. A fun one was skewer bars. Ultimately, each of these fads end and go back to making Sichuanese food. YES SICHUANESE FOOD NEVER DIES!

Most animals were sleeping in the afternoon heat of San Diego summer. I thought I would be more disappointed, but they look so cute!

Even the albino python.

Okay, I don’t actually know if it’s sleeping. It’s simply not moving. Maybe it’s pondering on its own existential questions. It’s quite interesting that we only ask “Why isn’t <insert animal name> moving?”, but we don’t ask “Why is <insert animal name> moving?”. Should we all not move by default unless we need to reach for a glass or water or do laundry?

Not all cute animals are in the zoo. In fact, I saw some in a bar in Hillcrest. They belong to the same mob, because they have quite a few commonalities:

1) a love for music;

2) the same last name;

3) an irrational fear toward bees;

4) an irrational love toward very bitter beer and coffee;

5) a lack of coin pouches leading to spraying coins all over the floor;

6) a need for long and slow… umm. I think my post is getting TLTR.



  1. I wasn’t looking at meerkat! *pout* they were prairie dogs. The meerkats are cute though, and

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