July 21, 2011

Weird mom: boyfriends are less stinky than cats

Posted in Life, Uncategorized at 2:57 pm by changisme

I love cats and I love guys(or rather a guy). I decided to adopt a cat and (for some unknown stupid reason) felt I had to tell my mother, even though I knew she would totally flip out. We had the argument on the phone. She reminded me how the kittens my dad insisted on bringing home 20 years ago were so naughty, and how they stunk when they peed on the floor. She reminded me how the hair was everywhere at my grandparents house. I won’t list all her objections. She even half jokingly said, for each day she’s alive on this earth, I can’t get a cat. My aunt, her sister, got wind and had similar objections.

It’s so strange because they never objected that much whenever I date a guy. Even when I told them Zhangfei will move in with me, they didn’t object. Why is this?! Men are much more troublesome and stink much more than cats. They also have lots of hair although the shedding isn’t quite seasonal. They also die early. Worse, I can’t even neuter them. Why do my mom and aunt hate cats so much more than men?


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