October 27, 2011

Things I didn’t know before: Scientists, class conflict, Breaking Bad

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Another few months have passed. I’ve learned a whole lot more in all fronts. Here’s a list of what I didn’t know.

1. What is a Scientist? Am I a scientist?
For the longest time, I struggled with the definition of being a Scientist.
Is it someone who uses scientific methods to solve problems? Scientific methods at this day in age is just have a hypothesis and conduct an experiment which simply consists of doing things over and over again under controlled conditions, then make an inference. If using scientific method is the definition of being a scientist, then almost everyone would be a scientist. Chefs, for example, or engineers or artists. Even playwrites and actors try different strategies and see the reaction of the audience. Further, strictly speaking people like field biologists don’t conduct controlled experiments, would they not be scientists?
Would a scientist be someone who recognizes the usefulness of theories and also their falsehood? This one.. it’s GOTTA be wrong, otherwise economists and psychologists would be counted, which means the world has just collapsed on itself.

Till today, I still don’t know what is a scientist, but after working for those who are conventionally known as scientists in the Hutch for nearly a year now. I know one thing that’s got to be in the definition: GRIND.

As for myself, I don’t really think I’m a scientist. I can probably be called a skeptist and a member of the supporting staff of scientist though. Then again, my own identity is hinged on the definition of scientist.

2. Another thing I didn’t know, class conflict is apparently something one group of people can infflict upon all the classes. As far as I know, if one group of people hold onto something another group of people want, “conflict” is born. A class conflict would exist if “group” is defined by class. So to it would exist so long as 1) classes exist and 2) one class wants another class’ stuff and the latter class doesn’t want to give it to the former. To inflict this “disease” would mean either either to create classes or to create the desire for something from one class and the sentimental value for the same something in another class.

I know that the Americans, being anti-communists, really believe classes are natural occurrences and will always exist. That leaves the conclusion that someone somewhere in this country has created the lower class’ desire for money and clarity. Wow… story of Eden just repeats itself eh?

3. We’ve been watching Breaking Bad. At the beginning of the show, I thought it’s about how criminality (is that a word?) is arbitrary and we shouldn’t think of taboo crimes like meth cookery being that different from some other less taboo wrong doing.

The more I watch it, the more I feel differently. The amount of suffering each character endures and inflict escalate tremendously over time. It reminds me of how C.S. Lewis talked about sin and hell. Sinning against someone is a matter of alienation from that person. Hell is the state of alienation and loneliness.

What does that mean to me? I guess if I have to sin, I will be sure not to sin against those who I want to be around.